Cory circa 2007.

Cory circa 2007.

I’m nothing more than a simple farm boy that’s been thrust into the world of technology and marketing due to my insatiable need for learning what I don’t know. I’ve worked in technology as an editor, creative director, educator, project manager, producer, and strategist. I’ve designed, developed, and managed databases.

Through my experience, I’ve learned a great deal and challenged even more. I believe working in the world of digital marketing requires three essential traits sorely lacking today:

  1. Understanding of consumers and technology
  2. Accountability through data
  3. Leadership

Am happily married to the only woman who would put up with me. We both enjoy one son with energy I’m envious of. Currently living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but am regularly heard worldwide through a variety of digital spaces:

Twitter: TheLacekCory
IM: hendrickson.cory (gmail and yahoo)
IM: hendricksoncory (aim)
LinkedIn: Cory Hendrickson


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