Thinking Outside My Box

So Bruce Springsteen thinks music can cure society. Given his assumption that he gets to pick and choose the polititians that use his music to convey their utopian dreams, he may be right.

I also believe that digital technologies can cure society. Given the chance to pick and choose the technologies, I might be right.

What The Boss is forgetting (and I hope I never do) is that we don’t get to pick and choose. People like what they like, rarely say what they mean and are defined by action. Let’s not get too lofty about this world we may have dreamed about before anything has happened.

Digital marketing requires a delicate balance. On the one hand, a strategist dreams of the margins they can drive if given the keys to the kingdom. However, we must always pay attention to the individual. Every individual has different motivations.

Further complicating the matter is the varying perceptions of clients. Facts only get you so far when there are competing world views. Today, this is especially challenging as many clients understand that value exists in digital mediums. Their understanding of the details is highly lacking. A traditional world view does not often mesh with the new. Take politics. No, please take it. (No more Henny Youngman jokes. I promise.)

While ambitious to envision we are all changing the world for the better, let’s start with something we can bite off. In terms of customers, action speaks louder than words. Same holds with integrating digital mediums into campaigns. Start small and let the action speak for you.


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