Top 9 of ’09 – #2 Innovation

Just because everybody says it doesn’t make it right. Still, innovation looks to be the buzz word of 2009. Whether we see anything truly innovative remains to be seen. Still, I expect innovation to sell in digital marketing this coming year like the term viral sold in the past several.

Over the past week, there have been two debating camps on innovation. You can either read that it’s dead or that it’s thriving. Regadless of the claims, I expect to see more use of the term in 2009. Any economic downturn will force both consumers and corporations to rethink priorities. Innovative ideas are better adopted by customers while innovation is a great buzzword for corporations to trot out in content. It meas we’re always thinking about you.

Already, I have seen the push begin. Right in time for new resolutions, Weight Watchers launches their online utilities. The television spots show a desktop being cleaned up from all the failed weight loss attempts. Somehow, this time, technology will be your saviour. While the campaign and online tools are good, they still lack.

Where true innovation will appear in the coming (already present) year, will be adoption of digital properties not owned by companies. Customers are already present in many locations – Facebook not the least. The need to innovate and better engineer existing utilities will disappear in favor of leveraging existing online content. Organization, conversation and relevance will be key. Anything that can promise these in the coming year will be seen as innovation.


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