Worse than Being Hated – Being Ignored

It’s hard to feel sorry for some brands that receive a lot of attention. Dell, Motrin and Enfatico come quickly to mind. Sure, they receive their share of criticism and more advice than anyone would know what to do with. Still, it’s a rather enviable position they find themselves in. They have attention – they have the eyeballs. There is an audience ripe to change perceptions. The brands I really feel sorry for are the ones largely ignored.

I revisited Cluetrain the other day. In addition to being a good read, it pointed to the kiss of death for digital campaigns – being ignored.

Before concerning ourselves with reach, attention and engagement metrics, we should first consider whether anyone cares.

Digital media is not television. We can not count on networks to craft programming that will reach certain demographic segments. We can’t rely on that content to drive eyeballs to our messages. In the digital world, everything else is just one click away.

This is certainly a large jump for marketers. The game has changed. We are now tasked with first being interesting. Without something of value, there is not reason to find our information. And without interest, consumers will punnish us. We won’t be punnished with backlash or negative sentiment. We are punnished with much worse – nothing. At least the Midol Moms campaign was interesting enough to rouse some souls into action. At least Dell’s customer service was bad enough to generate action.

Today, the kiss of death for digital marketers is not negativity. Rather, the dreaded word should be meh.

I started this blog to gain a better understanding of what it takes to provide interesting and compelling content. We all hear that content is king. So what does it take? Solid research? Compelling graphics? Interesting thought?

I wish I could say, but this is still (and probably will always be) a work in progress. As it has only been a short time, a retrospective seems to be a little presumptious.

Yet, I get away from the point. In order to affect customer behavior in a digital world, the first goal should always be to generate interest. Without that, no gates will be open.


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