Aim Big and Craft Small

Most of the great discoveries of our time never set out to be great. They only stumbled upon it. Yet in the world of marketing, everything starts with the big idea.

While logical that we should always strive for something big, the focus is too often placed upon pleasing everyone. As the old adage goes… And it works just about as often.

Digital campaigns provide unprecedented reach and unlimited exposure. If done right. I’ve been arguing that viral efforts truly do not exist. I stand by that. If they did, we would have a sure way to reach the world with campaign messages. In reality, what we call viral is nothing more than seed marketing. We seed an idea and hope it spreads. Can we expect it to spread to everyone (or a large portion of everyone)? Certainly not. However, we can expect that a small seed campaign will spread to the most interested consumers.

Rather than aim for everyone, digital campaigns do best when they aim for very specific targets. Programs and brands and products and services aim for everyone. These are inclusive. Everyone should own a super absorbant shammy or a pet rock. The reasons, however, are highly personal. If viral truly existed, we could craft one message and expect it to resonate with everyone. Rather, the product/service/brand/program can appeal to everyone. The reasons truly are distinct.

The solution – craft inclusive propositions and surround them with exclusive messaging. This is where the internet excels. We can reach individuals that share exclusive goals and allow them to carry the message forward. Not virally but little by little. I know seed marketing doesn’t have the cache of viral or buzz marketing, but results speak loudly.


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