Digital Marketing in Perspective

Digital work is rather straightforward. I grew accustomed to hearing “I want a website.” Marketing itself is also rather straightforward. However, there have been challenges bringing the two together. I get to see a good number of the holdups firsthand. To put it in perspective, here are two videos that show a relatively simple look at how both sides perceive the issue.

First, the digital side is looking to gain credibility. Understanding has been key with a good majority of marketers still uncertain how to use new technologies to their advantage.

This video is rather well known. In reality, this gets to the point in digital marketing – the machine is us. Rather, we are the channel, we are the marketing/marketers. This is further underscored by the studies showing that we trust individuals more than brands. Blogging issue aside, haven’t we always?

The second video takes a different perspective. Digital media being used to highlight the ad industry. Every agency goes through the creative process behind their holiday cards. The juxtoposition of Charlie Brown with a number of overheard lines proves comedic.

While these are drastic examples, it highlights just how far agencies need to go yet to fully harnass the power of digital media in marketing campaigns.


2 Responses to Digital Marketing in Perspective

  1. steve says:

    Nice informative blog.full of knowledge & useful.success of Digital Marketing is guided
    through Vision and smart communication engineering, like a business
    architect:-Didier Grossemy

  2. Cory Hendrickson says:

    Thanks Steve. Oddly, I have come to digital marketing through creative first, development second and architecture lastly. You truly do need to be immersed in this field to start seeing through the clutter. And there’s plenty of that.

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