UnSummit – Take Two

In early October 2008, a small group of technology and marketing rejects of the MIMA Summit huddled together in a cave connected to The Local. What resulted – a bar tab and some ideas – proved to be successful enough to lead to a second, grander version:

The Next UnSummit

For those around Minneapolis or willing to brave the weather come Feb/March, the gathering has already proven to be a hotbed of innovative thinking in terms of today’s marketing and technology.

The only thing I expect going into this next version is the unexpected. Rather than rehash old presentations, sell ideas that should have long since been sold or provide an opportunity to be seen (though it’s good to be seen here), I expect this gathering to unearth new thinking and connect concurrent paths from disparate objectives.

All in all, an event worth investigating. Be sure to check out the link to Polymer Studios and chime in on any topics that may be of interest – or add if it happens to be missing.

Expect the wiki to begin taking shape shortly. However, whether the event mirrors the plans is another story alltogether.


One Response to UnSummit – Take Two

  1. Don Ball says:

    Thanks for the writeup, Cory. I agree — we can make all the plans we want, but ultimately it’s whoever shows up and whatever they want to talk about that will determine the content of the UnSummit. Pure, raucous democracy. Or mob rule. One of the two.

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

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